ADPI_007: Introducing VA贷款尤达!



嘿,这是怎么回事?欢迎来到现役被动收入播客。这一集将会很棒。除了这里的VA贷款Yoda,我别无他物,他将向我们解释VA贷款的一切。他’s going to demystify some of the rumors that 您 might have heard and he's going to give 您 the information 您 need to use it not only to buy 您r first home but to also turn it into an investment. Guys this is going to be a great episode stay tuned!

Hey hey, freedom fighters welcome to the 现役 被动收入 播客. The only place where 军事 members veterans and their families learn how to build wealth through 房地产投资. I'm 您r host Mike Foster and I'm here to show 您 how to stop wasting 您r benefits. Now get off 您r ass, step up to the firing line and make ready for today's lesson. Shooter standby!

麦克风: 好吧,好吧,嘿,迈克在家里养育的家伙发生了什么,我为您提供非常特别的待遇。我坐在这里和VA贷款尤达通电话。他是男人。你知道他叫伯尼·卡尔姆斯。他从事VA贷款已有20多年了。他是以前的退伍军人权利,他曾在Huey和58岁时担任乘务长和副驾驶员,他已经给你们带来了一个很棒的信息。他’将会帮助我们深入了解VA贷款,我们真的将进行深入研究,弄清它的含义,重要性,还可以使用它做的所有事情。好的,我们在这里几个月来一直在问您所有问题。我们现在要回答他们,做好准备。伯尼,你好吗?

伯尼: Doing great today. How are 您? 

麦克风: I am doing amazing and I'm really excited to be talking to 您 again. I know we've gotten to catch up and get to know each other a little bit over the past few months and it's exciting to have 您 here and introduce 您 to our 播客. So sorry go ahead. 

伯尼: 我真的很期待。如果我能帮助他们中的任何一个,那就是我做我工作的原因。

麦克风: Amen amen 您're a great guy and I'm really excited to introduce 您. So please tell us a little bit about 您rself. Give us a little background and how 您 eventually ended up going from the 军事 to helping people out with VA loans.

伯尼: Well the 军事 I got, I went back to school the selling personal of insurance and then I had a client. I was doing their group insurance for the mortgage company and I got asking him questions. He goes well I can teach 您 how to do this. That was over 20 years ago and I haven't sold insurance since. So I've been with NBKC bank for over 12 years and that's what I really enjoy the most is that we are very, probably our niche is VA loans and we don't charge any bank fees and it's just our way of saying thank 您 for 您r service.

麦克风: Wow that is awesome! That is definitely awesome guys did 您 hear that? All right that is not something that's very common. That’s not common at all. So take notes as 您're listening to this. You know this will definitely be a bank 您 want to go back to 您 if 您're in the hunt for 您r next VA loan. But alright awesome so let's take it back and let's just start deep diving the VA loan. Really getting into what it's all about. So can 您 explain to us what is a VA loan and why is it important for the 军事? 

伯尼: Well VA贷款允许现役或老兵个人购买房屋,并根据价格为贷款金额的100%融资。目前,全国大多数县的百分百县限为45.31万。在东西海岸等价格较高的县中,限价较高,弗吉尼亚州和马里兰州的DC地区以及加利福尼亚州中的一些县较高。由于只是住房费用,您可以超出县限。您只需要支付差额的25%作为县限额和购买价格之间的首付。

因此,您仍然可以继续前进,您只需要带些钱。因此,它给了退伍军人,然后也没有针对VA贷款的PMI或私人抵押贷款保险。 VA贷款确实有融资费用,该费用已添加到贷款中。但是,这笔贷款的期限是15年,20年或30年。因此,它不会像每月支付私人抵押保险那样影响付款。因此,如果个人通过VA领取残疾津贴,则可以免除资助费。意味着他们不必付款。因此,这是一个非常好的选择。 

麦克风: It's awesome. So if 您 have, if 您're getting disability from the 军事 您 do not have to pay the funding fee. 

伯尼: 那是对的。这是很久以前由VA决定的。因此,对于确实有残疾津贴的个人,VA贷款绝对是最好的选择。因为他们可以完成100%的手续而无需支付任何资金费用,并且该贷款没有PMI。

麦克风: Get out of here. That is so cool. All right so the question on that is there anything special that 您 have to do to I guess notify, write 您r bank or something with it 您 are receiving 您r disability benefits? 

伯尼: 通常,当我拿起“合格证书”时,如果个人一直在收到该证书,则会在“合格证书”或“ COE”上注明,在表格上会注明“免税”。但是,如果他们从VA中获得与服务相关的残疾的好处,则他们将提供文档来支持这一点。有时候,我们必须更新他们负责处理所有表格的证书。他们只是给我们表格,然后我们将它们发送到VA并进行处理。因此,从那时起,它就记录在他们的记录中,他们再也不必再费心了。 

麦克风: Oh my gosh that is so cool, that is amazing. Well alright, that is definitely something to look out for guys. If 您 are in the middle of transitioning out make sure that 您 go back and you look at 您r medical record and 您 know document all the things that are aching and breaking about 您r body and all that stuff. Because that will come back and help 您 out in the long run. Who yah man Wow. 

伯尼: Well also for individuals that have done recently have done where they've closed down their loan and then they've received the letter from VA regarding their benefits, we can go back and get the funding fee removed from their loan. So well 您 know once they have the documentation, so we'll take care of that for them. 他们只是将表格发送给我们,然后我们从那里进行处理。 

麦克风: 因此,永远不会太迟。  That’太神奇了。真是太棒了! 

伯尼: 尤其是在某些情况下,需要花费一些时间。 

麦克风: I bet that is, that's okay cool. So look at that man, so it's never too late. Alright if 您 guys are even in the process of getting 您r disability back, make sure that 您 know get that taken care of with 您r bank. So 您 can get that funding fee removed. Because that's killer, that's killer. Okay, so what about the different types of VA loans right. So we know that there are a few different types. But what kind of homes can 您 buy with it? 

伯尼: Anywhere from a single unit to a four-unit property. The rule is that they must live on the property. So I've had clients buy a four-unit property and they have to live in one of the units and 您 must qualify for the entire payment when 您 purchase. But obviously if the other three units are rented then that's going to offset 您r payment and 您 know the same with a duplex or triplex nor in the single.

麦克风: So 您 can buy a multi-family with 您r VA loan. That’s cool. So while 您're living it essentially 您r tenants can pay off 您r mortgage for 您, plus give 您 a little bit back in 您r pocket. 

伯尼: 对。  If 您 have a four-unit property it really makes a difference. 

麦克风: 那是巨大的差异。那’s a huge difference.  What about if that property that 您're finding already has tenants in them right and so 您're going to move into one of the units obviously because 您 have to. But does the income that is provided by the other tenants, does that count against the mortgage since they've already been established? 

伯尼: 这取决于他们必须在何时更新合同的抵押期限,通常是因为卖方曾经是卖方,所以它在租金上列出了名称。因此,他们必须更新合同。然后,我们那时会更新文件中的所有内容。 

麦克风: Wow okay nice all right and then so are other types of homes that 您 can buy top. Like new constructed or? 

伯尼: 没关系。  I'm doing several of those right now that they're in the process of being built. Then once the property is complete. Then we do the, if the Builder carries the loan then it's just a regular purchase and then it's just a regular purchase loan. So if 您 have the construction loan in 您r name, then it's a refinance to a VA loan. We refinanced the construction loan. 

麦克风: All right. So okay okay cool. If 您're buying that new construction right 您 have to buy both the land and the home right. You can't just buy the land and then buy the home later? 

伯尼: 正确。弗吉尼亚州不做土地贷款。因此必须如此,土地上必须有房屋。 

麦克风: 好棒 

伯尼: And it must be in move-in condition. It can't be one that 您 go in and Rehab.

麦克风: Nice and so I keep hearing these rumours about a new addition to the VA family right and it's a renovation loan. So are 您 familiar with the rules that are implied with those? 

伯尼: I have not seen anything come up from our investors yet about that. So it's in the works maybe. But it's because 您 know home some homes do need a little help. But we haven't seen anything official yet.

麦克风: 好,知道了。所以不是官方的。也许仍然是谣言。但是也许肯定会发生一些事情。好吧,酷。太棒了。那是多少,所以我们之前谈到的是某些地区和其他地区的价格上涨, you’re unable to get as much from the VA. But what's the maximum that 您 can receive or I guess really what does I don't know if I ask my question right here. But what depends on the amount that 您 receive from the VA and then what are those maximum and minimum limits that 您 can get? 

伯尼: VA的最高贷款额为150万。但尤其是如果您在夏威夷。但是通常他们需要携带,因为在美国,没有哪个县能做到这一点,个人将不得不支付首付。想到的一个人,做了一笔100万美元的VA贷款,有40万首付,他买了140万美元的房屋,并以此VA利益能够在物业上携带一百万美元的贷款。  您知道美国大多数县,包括阿拉斯加和夏威夷。 夏威夷完全不同。但是美国大陆航空48号州规定,大多数州的上限为45.31万。 

麦克风: Okay and that's the limit that 您 can take without having to put any money down right? 

伯尼: 那是对的。他们可以做到这一点的100% 数量,然后像其他较高的县一样,它们可以在融资上更高。 

麦克风: 好的,太酷了。好吧那么,VA贷款有哪些神话呢?我知道我听到过像您这样的消息,您知道必须先付清资金费用,而您已经确定了这项权利。它与贷款捆绑在一起。但是随后您还会听到很多不同的事情。我们也听到您知道您可以使用VA贷款多少次。有人说您只能使用一次。有人可能会说您一次只有一个人。就像您能揭开我听到的一些疯狂的神话一样的神秘面纱吗?

伯尼: 没问题您可以多次使用VA。我有一些客户提供四到五笔VA贷款。如果他们出售该物业,他们只会向我们发送结束披露。我们会更新其证书,以便他们可以在新房屋上使用它。他们也可以拥有当前的VA贷款 他们购买了新的贷款,而他们目前的房屋销售称新贷款关闭的前一天,我们最多有六周的时间来获取更新的贷款资格证书。对于不免税的个人,他们是第一次为正规军而不是警卫队或空军警卫队提供100%的融资,这是贷款金额的2分1 5%,并且只是添加到您不提供的贷款中必须付钱。


麦克风: 哇同时拖。 

伯尼: 而这将取决于他们是否拥有一所房屋并获得转移,如果还有资格,他们可以购买第二座房屋。第二次的最低贷款额为14.41万美元。如果这取决于他们留下了多少利益,他们可以更高。他们可能只需要先付定金即可。但这取决于您的拥有方式,这是资金费用的巧合,而这些费用却不会下降5%或下降10%。因此,资金费用会有所不同。 我有几个客户同时拥有两笔VA贷款。 

麦克风: Okay so if 您're going to use 您r VA loan for the second time. Because let's say 您 move from the east coast to the west coast right. You’重新允许的限制为144,000。至少可以。
伯尼: 他们可以有更高的贷款。这只是他们可以进行其他后续贷款的绝对最低限度。

麦克风: Oh okay got it so that's the lowest amount that 您r property value can beat it for 您 to get a loan to. 

伯尼: 不,它的贷款金额必须为144,001,不包括融资费用。 

麦克风: 好吧,好吧,我想我明白你的意思。好吧,知道了。哦,太酷了。无疑,这有助于使许多问题神秘化。因为我认为很多人会感到困惑,他们说很好,您知道我是否拥有一笔VA贷款,因此在我出售该物业之前我无法使用它。因此,举例来说,假设您是一位投资者,那么您将以一种投资心态购买此产品,然后在一个海岸上购买一个多户型住宅,最多可容纳四个单位,然后在另一个海岸上购买另一个多户型住宅,最多可容纳四个单位海岸。您可以用两笔VA贷款做到这一点,对吗? 

伯尼: It's going to depend on, but first off 您 have to live in it when 您 buy it and 您 choose average timeframe 您 have to live in it. It’s at least a year. But if 您 don't sell it and then move to, it's going to depend on how much of 您r, it's going to be based on what the county limit is for VA loans. How much of a down payment that 您'll need to have. 因此,这是逐案的基础。  

麦克风: 那's case-by-case right. So 您 might have to put some money down on that next purchase of 您rs. But at least 您 know 您'll be able to use 您r VA and most of it will be afforded with the benefit. That’s cool all right and oh and I think 您 mentioned another myth too. So there is a myth about how long 您 have to live in 您r home right when 您 have a VA loan. You said it's about a year or so. 

伯尼: 一年到六个月不等,如果您想购买第二个,则不能在附近。因为很明显,您正在尝试租用房地产。如果您将个人计算机转移到另一个位置,那么购买时就没有时间限制,您知道自己必须在那里居住多长时间。 如果您获得了某物业的VA贷款,并且由于某种原因而无法在购房之前出售它,那么显然,您可以继续租用该物业。哪个发生了 很多。好吧,过去房屋价格已经下跌,他们无力出售。

So that when they went to the new, 您 know their new posting they were able to buy another home with the balance of their benefit and depending on the loan limit and the purchase price every it's a case-by-case, they might have to have a down payment. In other cases, I've seen an individual get transferred and he has ample left in his limit and is able to finance 100% again. But at that point then the

麦克风: 好棒 Okay Wow all right so that definitely is very very helpful. Because again like I said there's so much demystification that needs to happen around the VA loan and 您 have helped clear us up a lot. So alright 您 got to tell us, man, 您've been doing this for twenty years, how many VA loans would 您 say that 您've done over that time? I'm really curious. 

伯尼: 我至少要说三千。 

麦克风: 什么?三千,这太疯狂了。太史诗了。 

伯尼: It’是我老婆的笑话。我可以在睡眠中进行VA贷款,而对我来说,获得VA贷款的乐趣在于,我可以帮助我的退伍军人,对我来说,’对我来说非常重要,当我与老兵们一起工作并帮助他们获得新房贷款时,我会非常个人化。 

麦克风: Amen to that. I definitely can hear it 您 know and the knowledge and expertise that 您 bring to the table are very helpful. I think it's important 您 know for us as veterans to have someone as knowledgeable as 您 in this process. Because it really really helps to 您 know not have any questions when 您're going to that closing table 您 know exactly what 您're getting, 您 know exactly what 您 can do with it and 您 almost have that strategy built in with 您. So that's a clutch. 

伯尼: 好吧,没有愚蠢的问题。 

麦克风: Yeah that's true. yeah, I guess right 您 mean after everyone has a question in their head they need answering regardless and so it's always important to know 您 know 100% what 您're going into when 您. 

伯尼: 绝对没有惊喜。 

麦克风: So tell us a little bit about NBKC Bank. I know 您've been working with them for a while now right.

伯尼: 成立十二年以来,我们去年提供了超过25亿美元的贷款。我们的利基是我们提供各种类型的常规FHA,VA贷款。我们的利基市场确实倾向于使用VA贷款,而且我们非常强大,并为我们堪萨斯城附近的各个军事集团提供支持。我们有一个退伍军人社区项目,目的是建造供退伍军人居住在街上的小房子。它’是一个小型独立单元,可以居住六个月。


我们有些不同, 试图记住所有不同的 我认为我们在该地区只支持其中的8个,能够回馈那些需要它的人真是太好了,这是我们银行的大力支持。好吧,我们已经完成了打包六千多顿饭的分发工作。我们所做的各种事情都是为了照顾退伍军人,他们需要时,我们会竭尽所能。 

麦克风: Amen wow that is powerful. Bernie, I got to tell 您 man 您've definitely found a good spot there. Again just a little bit I've gotten to know 您 seemed like 您 that meshes right with 您r spirit. You’re a great guy and 您've 一直在帮助人们。我现在知道这只是第二天性。但这确实很有影响力,并且从此方面听到这很强大。


伯尼: 我最喜欢的一本是圣经。但是为了娱乐阅读,我会写任何有关军事历史的书籍。 但是主要是圣经。 

麦克风: All right hey 您 know what I'm all about, all for that. Number one is the Bible. I'm going to tell 您 I've gotten some great 您 know scriptures readings in there and I've gone through some powerful like oh man I don't even know is just reading a certain scripture and it just messing with me and
there are some passages that I'll read there that I can read maybe 20 different times and get 20 different meanings. Okay cool. So who is 您r biggest hero and why?

伯尼: 好吧,我有一个十四岁的唐氏综合症儿子。因此,他去了不同的营地和不同的计划,在那里人们将自愿提供空闲时间来帮助所有人,并且像他现在所在的日间营地中将有许多孩子。他们放弃空闲时间来帮助像我儿子这样的孩子和其他像这样的孩子,这是特殊的需求,对我来说,这是英雄。因为他们无私地做这件事,只是因为善于帮助别人是他们的天性,我遇到了很多参与其中的人 唐氏综合症协会多年,他们只是奉献,不期望任何回报,对我而言,这些人都是英雄。因为大多数人都会说哦,我只是帮忙。 

然后他们不想要识别,当我做这样的事情时,我也不想要他们。  It’s是因为我喜欢这样做,并乐于助人。来自其中之一的微笑
这些孩子的身价比任何钱都高, you could ever get. 

麦克风: Wow amen that is absolutely powerful Bernie. All right so number three here we go, let's finish this one out. What nuggets do 您 have for those who are just getting started? Right well, maybe three things or if 您 have one or two that's fine. But no more than three.  What nuggets do 您 have to give to?

伯尼: Well the first one is I have had one talking to one right now that pre-approved by five different companies. You don't need that. Once 您're pre-approved by one lender to a certain dollar limit, 您 don't need five other people to tell 您 yes 您're good to that dollar amount.  At that point
when somebody says yes 您're good to go, then the only thing 您 need to talk to with the other companies is to find out what their interest rates are and what their bank fees are.

因为第三方费用评估标题等都将是相同的,并且 您只认识一些人,当然我也听说过有人被快说话的人嘲笑。我非常感激,以至于他们有几次在下一次给我打电话或与我交谈时发现,那个人在告诉他一些事情,听起来是否太过真实,以他们为例。他们对酒吧不诚实,当我发现一位资深人士被利用来关闭很多方面都是错的时候,这真的让我很沮丧。

第三,准备问题清单。就我们而言,我们是好市多的首选贷方之一。因此,如果有人熟悉Costco,他们就会知道对他们与之合作的人的检查有多彻底,以及我们的批准过程为两年。因此,请确保您正在工作的人 与您知道检查他们的凭据。查看公司。仅仅因为他们购买了新的住房,就因为建筑商在说,哦,这是我们的贷方,那么,就有一部新法律了。他们不能把你引向他们的贷方。因为这背后有一个很长的故事。但是您不知道,这并不总是很漂亮。但是,不要总是仅仅因为他们正在尝试而以面子价值来对待它,如果他们说话太快,那本身就是一个危险信号。他们试图让您跳入并立即做出承诺,立即做所有事情 没有给你机会做功课,那对我来说就是

麦克风: 那's a good point. 

伯尼: And 您 can also 您 can trust. If 您 somebody recommends someone to 您 that means they've done business with them.  So 您 know hopefully the person that refers 您 likes 您 and refers somebody that's going to take good care
of 您. 

麦克风: 那是智慧伯尼的一些不错的掘金。非常感谢您,对于那些刚刚开始的人,我希望你们能做笔记。如果您无法记录笔记,请稍后再听一遍。因为已经有很多智慧矿块落在这个锅里的客人身上了,但是现在这三个肯定可以肯定你要接受。您知道并且想要确保自己正在做作业,就知道要回头并验证所有来源。

唐’t just listen to these fast talkers. Because there are a lot of guys out there that will swindle 您. I mean 您 hear the stories 您 know with 您r subordinates that are going out and get the car loans right with the crazy amounts of interest. That makes me so mad sometimes just hearing that. Because there are people out there that will take advantage of 您 just because 您're 军事. They know that 您r paycheck is guaranteed and they know that they're going to get paid at the end of the day.

因此,绝对不要落入那些陷阱。伯尼,我不得不说,很高兴能邀请您参加演出。真的很幸运,也很感谢您能够抽出宝贵的时间,并且您知道与我们分享些什么,您知道自己的经验, 知识和智慧,我真的非常感谢您为像您自己和我们这样的退伍军人所做的一切。它’具有影响力,绝对具有影响力,此播客不言自明。我的意思是,您已经做了很多伟大的事情,并且留下了遗产,并且留下了将持续的Alexi。因此,请告诉我们听众如何与您联系并取得联系。 

伯尼: Well if it's stateside my direct office number is area code 9133836416. The next I've had clients call me from Germany and different areas all over the world. So usually we give a heads up, email me first let me know 您're going to call. So I make sure I'm available when 您 call that far away and my email is [电子邮件 protected]

麦克风:  All right, all right guys. Please, I hope 您 guys taking notes. reach out to Bernie he has got so much to share with 您 with the VA loan if 您 are just getting started and 您 have questions, reach out to him. He will answer and I believe Bernie 您 said there's no cost for 您 know just inquiries right? If 您 just need questions answered. 

伯尼:那 is correct and no cost for pre-approvals.

麦克风: There 您 go and no costs for pre-approvals. Which is also great. So there 您 go. You can one-stop shop it. get 您r questions answered, get pre-approved and correct me if I am wrong Bernie, but NBKC lands all over the country right?-

伯尼: 所有50个州。 

麦克风: See that look at 您.  So here is 您r one-stop shop guys. Seriously reach out to VA loan yoga. He has all of the Jedi mind tricks to help 您 out and help 您 succeed and get started if 您're just getting started or to continue if 您're a veteran at this too. You know oh man thank 您 so much again, Bernie, it has been an absolute pleasure. 

伯尼: Well thank 您 I appreciate it. 

麦克风: All right all right guys that was VA loan Yoda. Wow what an interview. I'm telling 您 so much wisdom, it is amazing right. How much he's been able to do right. 3,000 loans, are 您 kidding me? That’s incredible. That’s a lot of experience that 您 can't buy right. So 您 certainly can the go back and re-listen to this thing and take down all the notes and nuggets of wisdom that he had to offer. It’s great if 您 have any questions reach out to him.

All right his contact information is there and 您 have questions about from us and our team, please reach out to us。 Hit us up on Facebook, hit us up on our Integra right. Get in touch with us we want to hear 您r story. If 您 have an awesome story about 您r first property, come share it with us. We’d love to get 您 on the 播客 right and 您 know get 您r story out there, get it head right. There are plenty of people who are just starting that want to hear from 您 too alright. Anyway, I'm Mike foster thank 您 so much for listening. It’太好了,我不在这里。